Another Successful AGM

Westway CT’s 2017 Annual General Meeting took place on the last Tuesday in September

We gathered at noon at our offices and were joined by many of the ‘Group Transport’ members, as well as some of the ‘Services for Individuals’ users, our Staff, Volunteers, and members of the Management Committee (MC). Those who attended were informed about our past year’s achievements and our plans for the future. We decided to hold a smaller than usual event this year with a short business section and more time spent networking while eating lunch.

We presented ‘Certificates of Commendation’ to members of the Westway CT Team for their dedication to their role, their consistent and reliable undertaking of tasks and their exceptional support and contribution to the users and staff of Westway CT.

Chosen recipients:

Philippa Middleton – Volunteer
Thame El-Fane – Minibus Driver
Abderrzak Mrimou – Minibus Driver
Richard Yeatman – Door to Door Services Manager

Philippa Middleton (see the main image above), Thame El-Fane and Abderrzak Mriomou receive a Certificate of Commendation.

Newly elected Chair

We would like to say huge congratulations to our newly elected Chair, Colin Simmons. Colin has been involved within the community of Kensington & Chelsea since 1983 and became a member of the MC when we were formally known as KCCT (Kensington & Chelsea Community Transport).

Colin was the Play Service Manager in RBKC from 1990 – 2016. Since the recent outsourcing of the Play Service, Colin now works for local charity ‘P3’, who provide play solutions for local children.

I have been involved in community transport and children’s services since KCCT/Westway CT began. It is indeed a great honour to be a member of such a dynamic organisation that serves all aspects of our local community. I have been a member of the MC since the early days, and my previous role within the MC was the Chair of the Westway Group Transport Services Sub-Committee which links to the main MC on matters relating to minibus services. 

I am pleased to be chairing an amazing organisation and working with a great group of people from my fellow trustees, management, staff team and volunteers that work across the community helping with all aspects of transport and I am looking forward to continuing the great work and new transport opportunities as they arise.”, said, Colin.

We are also excited to welcome new MC members, Helen Leech who will represent Open Age, and Clare Richards who will represent Clement James Centre.

Members of the 2017 Westway CT Management Committee are:

Gordon  Blakeway – Co-opted
Anastasio Cabello – Age UK K&C
Pepe Francis – Ebony Steel Band
Chris Godowski – Latymer Community Church
Elizabeth Greeley -Full of Life
William Jermain – Co-opted
Mark Kitchen – IC & UL Sailing Club
Toby Laurent-Belson – Brown Baby
Helen Leech – Open Age
Diana Horton – Harrow Club
Charles Pell – Westway Trust
Clare Richards – Clement James Centre
Helen Sheehy – Co-opted
Colin Simmons – Rugby Portobello Trust

Many thanks to Catherine Pymar, the outgoing chair, for her excellent leadership since being appointed in 2015.

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