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Celebrating the Royal Coronation

May 8, 2023

Westway CT and the coronation of King Charles III

Westway joined the nationwide Coronation celebrations on Sunday 7 May.

Our dedicated volunteer driver, Tim Sai Louie, embarked on a remarkable journey. Tim, a valued member of our team since 2020, was invited to attend the prestigious Big Lunch Celebration at the magnificent Great Town Hall in Kensington and Chelsea, and he also secured his place as a winner of the 2021 Mayor’s Award for his exceptional volunteer service. This distinguished award was supported through nominations from both Age UK and Westway CT in recognition of his volunteer service to the borough.

True to his nature as an extraordinary volunteer, Tim seized the opportunity to make a difference by offering to drive others to the event. His commitment to fostering connections inspired him to ensure that anyone in need of transport could be part of this memorable day. Tim’s generosity epitomises the spirit of our community.

Tim said,

“I won the Mayors Ward in 2021 and I was Invited because of that but, I thought others may want to go to the lunch too, or need a ride there – so I volunteered to take them.”

The Big Lunch Celebration was a resounding success, with over 300 attendees enjoying melodies from the Western Musical Choir, creating an atmosphere brimming with celebration and camaraderie. 

Westway proudly contributed by providing transport services, while Tim graciously donated his valuable time to undertake the driving.

Westway’s participation in the Coronation celebrations exemplifies our unwavering dedication to fostering a vibrant and inclusive community. We take immense pride in supporting events that bring people together and create community memories.