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In July this year, the Department for Transport sent a letter to the Chief Executive of the CTA, regarding the use of Section 19 CT Permits and Section 22 CT Permits for Road Passenger Transport providers in Great Britain.

What are CT Permits?

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Community Transport Operators use Section 19 and 22 Permits to provide much-needed community transport services to local people; some of whom wouldn’t be able to leave their homes without transport.

This letter sent a shock wave through the community transport sector and there was a worry that the outcome of what the DfT proposed, threatened to revoke CT Permits and thus CT’s all over the country would have to close down. Obviously, this and has brought out the fighting spirit not seen since the days of the Mobility Alliance in 1989. Community Transport Operators use Section 19 and 22 CT Permits and have mobilised To Challenge DfT And launch the ‘Mobility Matters’ Campaign. Around 200 community transport operators have pledged support for Mobility Matters

The Mobility Matters campaign has two primary goals:

  • that DfT should undertake a full-scale, holistic review of the regulation of and sustainability of the community transport sector. It is acknowledged that after 40 years the regulations do need review. However, this should be done broadly, so that any changes are designed to achieve improvements in social value, safety, capacity and quality, not the current perverse impact; and
  • that until this review is complete, the government should make it clear publicly that it will not support any actions that disturb the settled licensing arrangements for the community transport sector – in effect a withdrawal of the letter of 31 July

Mobility Matters is requesting information on the likely impact on CT operations. Fill in the Questionnaire if your organisation will be affected by these issues. Follow the story.

Do you use Section 19 or 22 Permits for your CT? If so, join the cause.

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