February Destination Of The Month

Japan House

Looking for places to take your group this month?

As part of a new series for Westway CT group members, we are recommending a new place each month that you and your group could visit.

Let’s face it, travelling abroad is tough right now. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t experience and enjoy another country’s culture. Dive into Japanese culture from its architecture to its food with free exhibits at Japan House (exhibit visits require pre-booking). Take your group and learn about Japan for free, all you need to pay are your transport costs.

Travel with a Westway CT driver for just £123.05!

Cost is an estimate only! It is based on a trip of 2.3 miles and driver hire of 5 hours

Promoting Independence through the shopper service

Or Save £100+ by using your own volunteer driver!

Pay just £24.66 to hire a minibus for 5 hours. Cost based on using your own MiDAS trained driver and distance of 2.3 miles. Above price is a estimate only. excludes parking costs.

Reduce Driver Hire Costs to 0!

Save on driver hire costs and get one of your volunteers trained from just £60! Or get free MiDAS training through our Member’s Support Fund With MiDAS training lasting 4 years, you can’t go wrong with the gold standard in minibus training.

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