Forever Young

Staying Forever Young

Today is Senior Citizens Day, a day to celebrate staying Forever Young

There is a myth that Senior Citizens become less active the older they get. We disagree entirely with the myth. We are confident that as we get older, with the help of services like the ones we offer, and a combination of socialising and staying active, seniors citizens can keep that sense of feeling ‘Forever Young’.

This Senior Citizens Day, learn more about how you can maintain your youth by checking out the activities available through local organisations near you like Open Age and The Second Half Centre in Kensington & Chelsea. Both offer courses and classes that will enable you to stay fit and healthy.

Read on to learn more about some local services and activities that we believe might help you stay active for longer.

Masters of the Weekly Shop

Have you heard about the term ‘adulting’?

It refers to doing weekly tasks that are part of an adult’s routine. It has become a vast topic of discussion on social media. Even big brands such as ‘Burger King’ talk about it.

As you can see, it can often be mock complaining about an adult’s responsibilities.

For you, this is trivial. You have done this adulting a million times over, and you are ‘Masters of It’. One of these adulting tasks is the weekly shop.

As masters of the weekly shop, you have that budget nailed. You know the best deals and where to get them. Though sometimes, the challenge rests in just getting there. So, what do you do when you’re great at adulting but not as mobile as you used to be?

You use Westway CT’s Shopper Service! Taking a trip on the Shopper Bus to visit a larger supermarket means you have access to healthy, fresh food. You have more choice and extra support. The driver and passenger assistant are on hand to assist you in and out of the vehicle and even help you carry your bags to your door.

Using the Shopper Service means you can buy a little more if need be, and you won’t need to visit a local store, that can often be slightly more expensive.


Forever Young, Forever Fit

I once played football with a team that had a player who was a gentleman in his late 60’s. He enjoyed being the goalkeeper and even though he was an older gent yet, he was far from idle. He would dive and save like a premiership keeper.

Age does not have to hold you back from being active. Thanks to organisations that have teamed up, such as Open Age and the Second Half Centre that together, offer a vast range of classes to keep you fit and active. The best bit, a lot of the courses are free or cost under £3. It’s a no brainer! The second best bit is that Westway CT connects you to these places through community transport services that are cost-effective and reliable.

Westway CT’s Communications & Marketing Manager, Tracey Heap and I went out to meet some of the people that take part in sports and exercises classes to help keep them feeling ‘forever young’. Classes such as ‘Table Tennis’ and ‘Exercise to Music & Mental Health’ keep local people active, and make them feel less isolated and socially connected.

Check out our Facebook page to see a short video showing some of our members taking part in Open age activities at The Second Half Centre.


Hitting the Highstreet in Style

London’s high-streets are a busy place. They’re long and can be exhausting to walk. The hustle and bustle shouldn’t stop senior citizens from enjoying them. With fantastic places to eat, shop and visit; no one should feel left out. Sometimes the idea of going out to shop on the High Street can often cause people to withdraw and become isolated.

Westway CT wants people of all ages to have equal access to all of life’s activities and provides Mobility Scooters to local people, enabling them to get around town and venture to the larger shopping areas such as Kensington High Street and Notting Hill Gate.


Days Out

Interested in fine art? I love going to exhibits that feature fantastic content. Do you have a favourite museum you want to visit or show your friends? Tate Britain is a personal favourite of mine.

Why not get a group together and book a Minibus with Westway CT to take you to a local museum, or anywhere else? We aim to enable people to do what they want whenever they want to. If this means visiting amazing displays of culture, that’s great. Group Transport Minibuses can take you and your group to different exhibits around London. The bonus is it’s cost-effective, and you’ll get an extremely reliable service, for a competitive price.


Staying Connected

Remember the times you would travel on a bus for a school trip? Did you enjoy chatting with your friends, non-stop? Westway CT’s members still do this using the Group Transport and Shopper Services. These services don’t just get you from A to B; with friendly drivers and dependable services, their users enjoy the journey as well and take the time to catch up with their friends socially. Making sure their members stay connected is essential.


Say no to the myth

Old age does not mean that you should not live life to the full. Taking part in social and healthy activities allows you to continue to stay socially active and lead an independent life, plus, meeting others can help give you and your friends a sense of staying forever young.


Keep up your hobbies and activities, and if you need help getting to there, Westway CT has got you.

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