Covid-19 Response

This update is to inform you of the steps that Westway CT has and is taking in response to Covid-19. Our priority is the safety and health of both our staff and users. Therefore, we have taken a range of measures to ensure everyone’s wellbeing but continue to help people access essential services in these times of need.

Office Hours

With the first stage of lockdown being lifted, we have made some changes to our office hours to follow government guidance. We have resumed our normal phone line times of 9am to 6pm.

To speak to speak to a member of our team please use the following menu.

  • For Minibus transport press 1
  • For Door to Door press 2
  • For Finance press 3
  • For Training press 4
  • For any other business please press 5

Training now Online

We are currently running our training online via Microsoft teams. The current training we are running is Driver CPC.

School Runs

In line with government guidance and the first stage of lifting lockdown, we have resumed our school run services. All school run services are running as normal except for the following that have reduced bus services:

  • Weatherby Prep: currently running 1 bus route (usually operates 3)

Services for Individuals

Our mission as a charity is to help tackle social isolation, reduce loneliness and increase disadvantaged people’s independence. Therefore, we have kept our Services for Individuals (see below) open at present.

  • Volunteer Cars
  • Shopper Service
  • Scooter Service

However, we advise customers who are over 70 or who have underlying health conditions to use our services only.

Group Transport

Our group transport remains available and open for bookings. Again, we advise any groups or individuals of those groups who are over 70 or with underlying health conditions only to use the transport.

Measures we are taking to ensure employees and users health

We have adopted a range of measures to ensure the health of all employee’s and users.

From Monday 16th March, the government advised all businesses and charitable organisations to work from home wherever possible. Here at Westway CT, we have been able to do this for the most part.

However, due to the nature of our organisation, we do need to have staff at our office. We are, therefore running a reduced office staffing team and our opening hours are being reduced from 10 to 4 until further notice.

Hygiene protocols

Our minibuses are being cleaned both before and after use with antibacterial disinfectant.

All our drivers have been provided with antibacterial hand sanitizer to keep their hands clean while driving and any other tasks.

All surfaces in our Westway CT offices are being cleaned daily with antibacterial disinfectant.

All staff and visitors are encouraged to clean their hands as they enter our premises using either antibacterial hand sanitizer provided or washing their hands in the toilets provided. We are advising any users or staff who feel unwell to self-isolate for the recommended amount of time.

Westway CT working with others

In these hard times, it is important to work together with others. We have joined with both KCSC and Age UK to help respond to this pandemic. We are helping with food drops in both Kensington and Chelsea, and Westminster. To help, we are providing drivers and minibuses to help Age UK and KCSC aid in delivering food drops to the most vulnerable at this time.

These parcels are people over 65 and who don’t have a family network to help them in these hard times. The response is being directed by Age UK. If you need or know someone who needs this service, finds out more here.

For more information on Covid-19, please visit the websites below:

or contact:

for enquiries.