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How Lidl Shopper Bus Came To Be

July 3, 2024

The Westway CT Shopper Bus is a free service for our members who live in Westminster or Kensington and Chelsea.  The idea is to connect people who can’t use public transport because of age or mobility issues with supermarkets. These supermarket runs not only provide people with access to an essential service, but also bring people together for a trip out of the house, helping to tackle loneliness and social isolation.     

The supermarkets served by the Shopper Bus service are all local, with one notable exception – the Shopper Bus to the Lidl in Clapham Junction. So how did this come to be? The story starts with Sylvia, a retired senior nurse, who has helping her community in her DNA.  

“My first experience using Westway CT was the Winchester Christmas Market* trip” explains Sylvia, who then discovered that Westway CT also ran a Shopper service.  “I told them people are not eating properly as food is so expensive around here.  I suggested that Westway CT introduce a Shopper run to Lidl in Clapham Junction.”

Westway CT’s approach to new services is that the best ideas are almost always found in the communities where we work. So, when Sylvia made the case, we were happy to trial the new route.  Sylvia has even helped to publicise the run and gather a group of regulars. 

“The Lidl Shopper Bus has gone from strength to strength” said Kathleen Lyons, CEO at Westway CT. “Listening to our members and service users, involving them in service design, then acting on what they tell us is at the heart of what we do. By being close to our community, we can make an ever-greater difference – and we get to meet brilliant people like Sylvia as we do”.   

You can find out more about our Shopper Bus service – including the Lidl Shopper – here.  

Sylvia, who now volunteers as an RKBC Community Champion for the elderly in her neighbourhood, said “I’m very happy to pay membership as we’re not only going to Lidl, Westway CT also arrange other outings for us – a lot of people will like this.”

* The Winchester Christmas Market trip was a collaboration between Westway CT and the Kensington & Chelsea Over 50’s Forum, funded by the Kensington & Chelsea Foundation Community Spirit grant.