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Visit: Kensal Green Cemetery with us

February 28, 2022


Looking for places to take your group this month? Explore Kensal Green Cemetery. 

You may think it strange that this month’s destination is to a cemetery. Yet, there is a reason for this March madness. Kensal Green Cemetery is not only London’s largest cemetery, but the London’s oldest and most luxurious cemetery.

Escape the traffic and madness of London for a while by experiencing London’s largest and oldest cemetery. As a natural conservation area, it plays home to several rare flora, fauna, and several bird species. With gothic monuments and tombs. It is a great place to take groups for a relaxing stroll.

Adding to the natural beauty is the abundant history and resting places of many famous people. One such being Charles Blondin (real name Jean Fraçois Gravelet) the legendary tightrope walker who was known for crossing the Niagara Falls on a tightrope and many other stunts.

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