Kensington Palace

Destination of the Month

With us being well into spring and us even enjoying some much desired sun, enjoy the weather at Kensington Palace and its gardens.

This month’s destination of the month seeks to take advantage of these and allow you and your group to enjoy the weather.

Enjoy the beautiful Kensington Palace Gardens in full bloom for free, and/ or the Palace itself and its exhibits such as the King’s State Apartments for just £20 per adult or £10 per child. In addition, enjoy the rest of Hyde Park and everything else it offers.

Get There For An Affordable Price

RBKC groups travel from just £1.72 per person.

That’s just £27.5 for the entire trip!

Need to hire a driver? Travel for £7.87 per person or £125.90 in total.

Promoting Independence through the shopper service

Non- RBKC Members travel for only £2.09 per person

That’s just £30 for the entire trip by using your own driver!

All estimates are based on a 10 mile round trip and usage of a Westway CT minibus for 5 hours. Actual cost of hire will vary based on your group’s pickup location, length of hire and other factors such as parking or traffic delays or by using a Westway CT Driver. To use your own driver, they must be MiDAS trained and registered as a volunteer with your organisation. Get a personalised estimate below.

Get Free Volunteer Training!

Reduce Driver Hire Costs to 0!

Save on driver hire costs and get one of your volunteers trained from just £60! Or get free MiDAS training through our Member’s Support Fund With MiDAS training lasting 4 years, you can’t go wrong with the gold standard in minibus training.

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