Making Small Changes

We are changing the way we refer to services for individual residents

Recent customer feedback revealed that some of our members are slightly confused about which of Westway CT’s services they can access, and for what purpose. So, we have decided to make it easier, by making small changes to the way we refer to some services. We hope that these adjustments will enable our members to differentiate between the services.

The Door to Door Services will now be known as Westway CT’s ‘Services for Individuals’ for both RBKC and Westminster Residents.

Services for Individuals will continue to offer the following services:

  • Volunteer Cars – previously called the Community Car Scheme. We made the decision to change the name of the service to Volunteer Cars because volunteers drive the cars, and although it is a pre-booked service, trips cannot be guaranteed until we can find a volunteer willing to drive. With this in mind, we feel that the new title is more fitting and users will know, from the name, that this is a volunteer-supported service
  • Shopper Services will remain the same
  • Mobility Scooters will remain the same

Existing members will automatically become members of Westway CT’s Services for Individuals. Members can continue to access and book services in the usual way.

If you would like any further information about Services for Individuals in RBKC or Westminster please call us on 020 8964 1114 weekdays between 1 pm – 4 pm.

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