Mayor’s Award for Westway CT Volunteer

Westway CT nominates long-standing Volunteer John Walker for The Mayor’s Award

John Walker started volunteering with Westway CT way back in July 2004 for the Volunteer Cars (previously known as the Community Car Scheme). John has also given his free time as a Trustee and is an active member of the Westway Community Transport Management Committee and Sub-Committees.

Feedback received from members about John indicates that he has always had a positive attitude and they have always found him helpful, polite, conscientious and caring. John has a real desire to help people in need and contributes to providing this essential service to residents of RBKC, who find it difficult to use public transport. John makes regular time to support the Volunteer Cars and donates not only his time but the use of his car.

John specialises in helping people that need to travel long distances and without his contribution to the Volunteer Cars people would not be able to visit their relatives or even go on holiday. John would think nothing of taking someone to the coast for a holiday and returning a week later to bring them home.

His contributions to the Westway CT Management Committee and the Volunteer Cars have been amazing and he has helped hundreds of people over the nine years. We believe that his qualities should be rewarded.

Our Nomination was also supported by the following organisations

  • St Teresa’s
  • Inkerman House
  • St Stephen’s Charity
  • British Legion
  • Metropolitan Police Earls Court.

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