Member’s Support Fund

Member's Support Fund (Formerly Innovation Fund)

Westway CT’s Member’s Support Fund

The Member’s Support Fund (formerly called the Innovation Fund) is available to local charities and community groups.

Support Options

1) Driver Training – groups can apply for up-to two volunteers to receive MiDAS training from Westway CT for free. This enables your group to avoid paying for driver charges when booking a minibus with us.

2) Transport Credits – groups can apply for up-to £1000 in Transport Credits which can offset driver, vehicle and fuel costs, provided by Westway CT. These apply to Group Transport Members that start new activities or new emerging local groups only.

Please note: Groups can only apply for one of the two strands.

For more information on how to apply and the terms and conditions for the fund, please contact Anna Porta, Development Manager.

The Story of the Fund

Since Westway CT began back in 1991, the team have always had much debate about how to lower the overall costs of transport for our membership.

There have been ongoing discussions about how to encourage members to use the minibuses during the off-peak periods in the middle of the day, in the evenings and at the weekends and more.

In 2015, discussions between the Management Team and the Management Committee led to the launch of the Innovation Fund; a grant as Transport Credits and more recently, Free Volunteer Training through the MiDAS Scheme, offered to local charities and community groups.

In 2021, we renamed the Innovation Fund the Member’s Support Fund to better reflect how the fund was being used to help both existing members and new members.

Member’s Support Fund Purpose

The hope is that the Fund encourages members to introduce Innovative Projects and Activities for their users, that would take place during the least busy times of the day, and use volunteers to drive minibuses for them; both we hope will help our members to reduce overall transport costs.

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