Westway CT Provides Transport at the Rugby World Cup

Westway CT was among those chosen to provide transport for the Rugby World Cup

The Rugby World Cup is over and the All Blacks have lifted their trophy but New Zealanders will be celebrating for some time, as will we.

Accessible shuttles were the unsung transport heroes at the Rugby World Cup. We are very proud that Westway CT was asked to be part of a team, within a wider transport team and it seems we have lots to celebrate when looking at the stats:

  • 11,149 trips in accessible shuttles
  • 977 trips
  • 662 wheelchair users used the buses
  • 76 wheelchair users on one night
  • 37 drivers
  • 18 matches
  • 13 coordinators
  • 6 partner CTs
  • 4 routes at Twickenham
  • 2 venues
  • 1 Project Manager
  • 0 accidents

Thank you to Ealing CT for inviting us to join the team of CT’s who provided the accessible shuttles at the events.

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