Volunteer Cars

Volunteer Cars are available to residents of Kensington & Chelsea who can’t access mainstream public transport easily

To book a Volunteer Car you will need to be a member of Westway CT. Members can book a journey to attend activities and classes, visit friends and family, attend appointments or just generally go about their everyday business.

The Volunteer Cars are not a normal taxi service but a one-to-one car service driven by volunteers who use their own cars or one of our designated accessible vehicles. This means journeys cannot be guaranteed until a volunteer is found willing to drive.

Become a Member

Membership is £12 annually. You can download a Membership Form or call us on 020 8964 1114 between 1 pm – 4 pm weekdays if you would prefer to receive a form through the post.

Once you have joined you can book a journey for any time of any day, but remember that we need to find a volunteer to drive for you, so bookings will not be confirmed until we do.

To book you will need to call our offices on 020 8964 1114 between 1 pm – 4 pm weekdays and tell us where you would like to go


You will be expected to pay £2.20 per mile for your trip. The mileage is calculated by our drivers, who will note the start and end mileage of every trip which we then enter into our bookings system and an invoice will be generated and sent out to you.

Volunteers and Vehicles

The majority of our volunteers use their own cars, but we also have a few designated smaller vehicles in our overall fleet. Two of these vehicles are wheelchair accessible so that we can offer this service to members who cannot transfer from a wheelchair to a car seat.