Drive Time Project

Drive Time Project provides FREE PCV Training to individuals who would like to acquire a bus or coach driving licence

Do you already have a car licence? Would you like to upgrade your driver’s licence so that you can drive a minibus, double-decker bus or coach?

You can join the Drive Time Project (run in partnership with Campden Charities) and take advantage of the FREE PCV Training, but you must meet these criteria before you can apply:

  • you are receiving a low-income, OR you are unemployed and claiming benefits
  • you have been living in the North area of the borough of Kensington & Chelsea (See map) for at least two years
  • you are over 21 and have at least one year’s driving experience

It is an exciting project to be part of because of its innovative approach; participants have their training tailored to their needs and time constraints.

PCV Driving Licences available through the Drive Time Project are:

  • D1 (for minibuses with up to 17 seats)
  • D (for larger buses and coaches)

A D1 holder can pursue driving as a professional career with companies like Westway CT, Dial-A-Ride, Patient Transport Services and School Transport providers. These organisations all use minibuses and are constantly on the lookout for professionally trained drivers.

A D holder can drive larger vehicles such as Coaches and Double-decker Buses.

The training is free of charge to people who meet the criteria, and you can move through it at an individual pace. Campden Charities can, in some cases, also offer extra financial help to support candidates’ transition into work


We are pleased to announce that over 83 people have been accepted onto this scheme and are in full-time employment and we envisage much more being able to benefit from this fantastic opportunity.

Do you want to take part?

If yes, you will have to meet the criteria. Please use our Contact Form to get in touch. If you would prefer to speak to a member of our Training Solutions Team, please feel free to give us a call on 020 8964 4928 (option 4).