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DFT Announcement on Periodic Driver CPC training

According to Motortransport uk the DfT has put in place temporary changes for professional driver qualification requirements. This means that drivers who’s CPC cards expire in the period from 1 March 2020 to 20 September 2020 can continue to drive.

Drivers will not be subject to enforcement action by the DVSA in respect of Driver CPC and police forces have been informed of this position.


The DfT also said that drivers should carry their expired Driver CPC qualification card if they have it and that the end date would be kept under review.

While this extension has been put in place, we advise that drivers don’t wait until the end of this extension period to get up to date with their Driver CPC qualification. This is because once these unusual times change, their will likely be a big backlogue to process and this could mean that there will an increased amount of demand for a limited number of places.


You can check the availability of future classes Driver CPC courses as well as book your place by scrolling down the page to ‘View Dates’ or by clicking the yellow button. When you click the button, you will be directed to a list of upcoming dates in a drop-down menu. Select your dates and add them to the basket individually. You can view your basket at the second stage of the booking process.


What is Driver CPC Periodic Training?

All professional bus, coach and lorry working drivers must hold a valid Driver CPC Driver Qualification Card (DQC) or CPC Card as it’s also known as. 

There are two types of Driver CPC Training:

  • Driver CPC Periodic Training is for existing professional drivers who already have a DQC Card and drive a lorry, bus or coach. We provide this training.
  • Driver CPC Initial Training is for new professional drivers who want to drive a lorry, bus or coach and do not already have a DQC Card. We do not provide Initial CPC Traning. There is more information about this type of CPC Training further down this page.

Existing Professional Drivers and those who already have a Driver Qualification Card (Driver CPC Card) must complete 35 hours of Periodic Driver CPC Training in 5-yearly cycles consistent with CPC renewal. This training must continue until such time that this person no longer wishes to drive category C or D vehicles professionally.


And which CPC Training is right for you?

If you already have a PCV licence and passed your test before Sep 2008, or if you have an LGV (aka HGV) licence and you passed your test before Sep 2009, or if you have a C1 category and passed before 1997 then Periodic Driver CPC Training is the right training for you.

Westway CT offers Periodic Driver CPC Training only; specifically for existing DQC holders who need to participate in all, or part, of the 35 hours of training, to comply with the rules of the five-yearly renewal for refresher training.

If you’re wondering where is the best Driver CPC Training Centre, look no further. At Westway CT we offer a top-grade training which is reviewed on Google.

You have the flexibility as to how you take your 35 hours CPC training, provided this training occurs in blocks of at least seven hours at one time. You can book a 7-hour course each year, or complete all 35 hours over a 5-day period. It’s entirely up to you.

If you are unsure as to whether you have a Driver CPC exemption or you need to take part in Driver CPC Training but you do not already have a Driver CPC Card, do a Driver CPC check and see if you have any recorded hours clicking here. If this tool is not helpful, please feel free to speak to us by using the Contact Form or call 020 8964 4928 (option 4).


Driver CPC Courses

We offer a choice of approved 7-hour ‘periodic’ Driver CPC courses for both PCV Driver CPC and HGV Driver CPC courses, ranging from ‘Driver First Aid at Work’ to ‘Drivers Hours and Tachographs’.

Courses are set on different days of the week. You can complete all 35 hours in one week: select 5 separate dates from the menu when you book and add each to your basket. If you book 5 dates in one week, you will receive a £35 discount.

Driver CPC Costs

  • 1-Day bookings (7 hrs) – prices start at £65 
  • Book 5 days in the same week and only pay £300 (the standard charge for 5 days is £335)

These prices include the upload fee.

Course Codes and Descriptions

All our courses are for both HGV and PCV Drivers. Course codes and descriptions are listed below:

  • DFAW – Driver First Aid at Work £75 – trainees will receive an additional First Aid certificate for the extra £10 fee
  • DHAT – Drivers Hours and Tachographs £65
  • DSSL – Drive Safe, Stay Legal £65
  • HSMH – Health & Safety and Manual Handling £65
  • RRDA – Road Risk, Drug & Alcohol Awareness £65


Training courses will begin at 08:45 – 17:15 and will be held at our offices at 240 Acklam Road, W10 5YG. The closest station to us is Westbourne Park, on the Hammersmith & City Line, in Zone 2 of the underground. If you arrive late you will not be permitted to attend the course.

When you book a course during the evenings or over a weekend, you may not receive a booking confirmation until the following working day. However, rest assured that you will receive an email notification about your payment and for confirmation of your booking, as soon as the office opens.

If you can’t find a date that suits you from our list of available dates, please give us a call on 020 8964 4928 (option 4) as we can often organise dates around your specific needs. Now and then we will change the courses around so that we run a different course on a different day of the week. See the Course codes.


Discounts for larger groups

If you have a group of people who need to take part in Periodic Driver CPC Training, you would like to book for more than one trainee at a time, and you would prefer that courses can be held at your premises, please let us know. In such cases, we will bring the necessary equipment required. Prices for this will vary depending on distance, travel and number of delegates attending.

Our Training Centre is based in West London and is fully equipped for all your training needs. We can also travel to your premises for your convenience; in such cases, we will bring the necessary equipment required for training. Prices for this may vary depending on distance, travel and number of delegates.


What is Driver CPC Initial Training?

The Driver CPC Initial Qualification is for new professional drivers who want to drive a lorry (LGV or HGV), bus or coach (PCV). To drive professionally, new drivers will need to pass four tests:

Module 1 – Theory Test (includes multiple-choice and hazard perception tests)
Module 2 – Driver CPC Case Studies test
Module 3 – Practical Driving Test
Module 4 – Driver CPC Practical Test

We don’t provide Driver CPC Initial Training, but we do offer PCV D1 Bus Driver Training and depending on where you live and your income, we can sometimes provide this training for Free through our Drive Time Project.

If you would like more information, please use our Contact Form. If you would prefer to speak to a member of our Training Team, please feel free to give us a call on 020 8964 4928 (option 4).

We are an approved centre.

Driver CPC

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