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Driver First Aid at Work

What should you do if someone has had an accident? Learn how to respond to accidents and procedures you need to take. In this course you will learn about the different injuries that could occur and how to attend to them and what steps to take to help them get the right medical treatment.

Course Aims:

To give drivers an understanding of First Aid, and incident management


To enable drivers to be better aware of actions to take in the event of an emergency.

This course can be taken more than once in your 5-year renewal period to meet your mandatory 35 hours, and to retain your First Aid Currency.

Driver Hours and Tachographs

How long should I rest this time? Knowing how long you should rest between driving is your responsibility as a driver.


Know your limits! Refresh your knowledge on how long you can drive without a break. Learn the best practises in relation to Driver hours regulation and the legislation around it. Through this course you will be equipped with a knowledge of how drivers’ hours work and any latest changes that have occurred.


To enable students to understand the importance of EU Driver hours and have a knowledge of EU Driver hours legislation.

To inform drivers how to comply with tachograph usage to ensure correct record keeping, to maintain conformance with legislation, and the safety aspects of vocational driving.

This course can be taken more than once in your 5-year renewal period to meet your mandatory 35 hours, enabling you to maintain currency with the latest regulations, and refresh your understanding.

Drive Safe, Stay Legal

Do you know your rights and responsibilities? As a driver you are responsible for ensuring you are aware of and complying with driving regulations.  This course will give you the information and tools to know your rights and responsibilities as a professional driver. You will be given the latest information and best practises to drive safely and legally.

Course Aims:

The aim of this course is to make drivers aware of their legal obligations and the importance of safe driving practices.


Understand the key legal obligations affecting drivers and their responsibilities in relations with operators.

Be aware of the best practices for drivers and the importance of safe driving to help drivers drive to a high standard.

Health and Safety, and Manual Handling

What are the risks you face by the roadside and when you drive? Equip yourself with the best practises to reduce risk to yourself and any passengers you may have. This course will give you the tools and knowledge to work safely.


To provide an understanding of the key issues affecting commercial drivers regarding HSE Guidance INDG 382


Drivers should understand Health & Safety regulations, and how to conduct risk assessments in relation to their work.

Drivers should understand safe manual handling in relation to their work

Road Risk, Drug and Alcohol Awareness

Do you know how and what to report when an accident occurs? This course equips you with the most up-to-date knowledge and best practises in how to report incidents that may happen during work. Through completion of this course, you will know the key issues that affect ‘Driving at Work’ and the laws surrounding it.


To provide an understanding of the key issues affecting commercial drivers regarding HSE Guidance INDG 382


Enable students to understand the importance of accident procedures, causes, and prevention.

Enable students to be aware of the personal safety and the wellbeing of a vocational driver.

Online Training Details

All Driver CPC for June will remain online, however we are returning to in class training from July.

The Driver CPC training is from 7:45 to 16:30. This includes an hour’s worth of break throughout the day.

We use Microsoft Teams to conduct the Driver CPC training. Some older devices may not run Microsoft Teams, you can find out the minimum specification needed here.

We will send links to trainee’s on confirmation of booking.

Our Driver CPC will remain online for the meantime to protect our staff and trainees. You can find out our latest procedures regarding Covid-19 here.

Classroom Based Training

From July onwards our CPC training is returning to classroom based courses at our Westway CT Offices. We asked all attendee’s who book this training to bring and wear a face mask for the safety of both yourself and office staff.

We regularly monitor the current situation in regarding Covid-19 and government advice, we have been adviced that in classroom training is safe to continue. However, if the situation regarding the pandemic worsens we reserve the right to reschedule course dates and/or change classroom based courses to online to ensure the safety of attendee’s and our staff. We will inform attendee’s as soon as possible regarding these changes.

Driver CPC Available Dates


09aug08:4517:30Driver CPC- DFAWTime until bookings close


11aug08:4517:30Driver CPC-HSMHBooking For This Event Closes in

12aug08:4517:30Driver CPC DSSLDriver CPC- Drive Safe Stay LegalBookings for this event ends in

13aug08:4517:30Driver CPC- RRDABooking For This Event Closes In