Westway CT Van

The Westway CT Van is available

You can use the van to move your belongings from one address to another or to collect goods purchased and donations offered.

To access this service, you must meet one of these criteria:

  • Your group must be a member of Westway CT. For more information see the Group Transport page
  • You are a former resident of Grenfell Tower, staying in temporary accommodation, awaiting relocation
  • You lived in the very close vicinity of the tower, and you have been given temporary housing because of Grenfell Tower, and you are expecting relocation
  • You meet one of the above, and you have now been placed in permanent accommodation

To book the van, if you are a Group Transport Member you can contact us directly via email, or if you are an individual and a former resident of Grenfell Tower you can be referred to us by one of these organisations:

  • Clement James Centre
  • Rugby Portobello Trust
  • The Curve – Grenfell Assistance Centre

They will confirm that you are a former resident and take some details from you. They will give you a completed, countersigned Referral Form. You will need to bring or send the countersigned Referral Form to us. Forms can be sent through the post, delivered to our offices in person, emailed to Yousra Bouderouaya, Project Coordinator or sent by fax to 020 8969 5733.

When we have received your referral form, we can then proceed with your booking.


  • Group Transport Members will pay the same charge rates as minibus bookings. However, VAT will be included.
  • If you are a former Grenfell resident and eligible to use this service, you can book the hire of Van free of charge. The fuel is also free of charge for up to 50 miles. If you would like to transport your goods to a destination that is over 50 miles for a round trip, you will need to pay a small fee for the excess miles driven (95p per mile). Please refer to the terms and conditions at the time of booking.

Who can drive?

  • Groups – can nominate a volunteer who is registered with Westway CT.
  • Former Grenfell residents – we aim to find a Westway CT Volunteer willing to drive for you.