Summer Excursion Case Study

Teddington Lock

This quarter’s case study is about our own summer excursions program we ran. We have based this article on the video case study we filmed from one of the summer excursions and feedback we received.

Before summer, we’d all faced a cycle of being in or out of various states of lock down; Trying to make heads or tails of the different Covid legislation and do our utmost to keep ourselves safe from an invisible threat. These measures took a toll on us all, and with a summer approaching and restrictions lifting, we all looked for some relief and relaxation from the recent trials and tribulations. Whether this was traveling abroad to green light countries, or holidaying domestically, many of us sort a reprieve from our home’s four walls that we had become a bit too familiar with.

Yet, for some, this by their own means is and was not possible. For many vulnerable in society, they faced and battled a worse cycle of lockdowns than many. They were the first told to stay home, and the last informed it was safe to leave. For many of the four walls of their home had become like a prison. For our members, many who can’t access normal services like shops, banks etc via their own means, this was especially the case. Thus, we sought to help our users get out of their prolonged isolation and escape their loneliness.

Our Solution

To tackle this problem, our team set about planning and executing a first set of longer excursions for our users. In consultation and collaboration with RBKC council, we secured additional funding for an extra minibus and driver. This allowed us to provide these trips free to Westway CT individual members.

Summer Excursions Success

The summer excursions were only originally planned for July and August, but because of high demand and consistent demand from members, we have tripped planned until November. We have had to put on extra days out to accommodate our users.

When asking, our Senior Transport Coordinator, Purvita Bhatt, about the success of the trips, she said:

“Well, the demand is increasing day by day, as everyone is finding out that we are doing free trips…. In fact, a lot of customers are becoming members, especially to go on these trips, which is really good.”

“They’re really enjoying and making friends. It’s kind of a social gathering, as stated again, and a lot of them have become very good friends. They’ve exchanged their phone numbers.”

Purvita Bhatt, Senior Transport Coordinator

As of the beginning of October, the scheme has provided:

  • 132 hours of Free Transport
  • 22 trips in total
  • transported 45 unique passengers
  • visited 6 different destinations

In filming the case study about the scheme, we asked Doreen a Westway CT how felt when they first found about the trips, she answered:

Then I saw [the trip offer] and thought I’m in there. I don’t care how I’m feeling I’m going!

Doreen Campbell, Westway CT Member.

She was not alone in appreciating the opportunity to go on a longer trip to a variety of destinations. Our users gave a range of positive feedback about the trips and Westway CT’s service.

It is an excellent service. Especially with lockdown, I couldn’t have coped without them.

Ms Angela D’Abrosio, Westway CT Member

To all at Westway, thank you for arranging such a good trip out to Windsor Castle on Friday, 6th August (2021). Pleasant company, comfortable bus and a very nice driver, a good day out. Thanks.

Henry Frankie Blake, Westway CT Member

A great service friendly helpful. Helps the elderly to get out and meet people, make friends and be independent.

Joyce Dodd, Westway CT Member

Interested in a Free Outing?

We are glad that the summer excursion has been such a success and, as mentioned earlier, we still running them. And we have free trips planned for October and November 2021.

If you struggle to get out and about and live in Kensington and Chelsea Borough, or know someone who does, who may want to go on one of these trips. You can become a Westway CT member for just £12 and access not only the free summer excursion program, but its free shopper bus service as well.

Enquire today by either calling us or filling in our contact form below.

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