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In response to these difficult times, we at Westway CT like many other organisations have had to make some difficult decisions. Because of government instructions, we have already had to reduce or stop many of our usual services. Our training services and school run services have already been suspended.

We have also been continuously reviewing our other services such as our shopper service, volunteer cars and Green CT cars.  In response we have come to the difficult decision to suspend some of our services. All the remaining services that are running, we are taking a range of measures to ensure that both users and our team members are safe. You can find out more about the measures here.

Green CT and Volunteer Cars Services:

At present these services have been suspended to comply with government guidance.

Shopper Service: 

We have temporarily paused this service. We are considering ways to adapt and continue the service to comply with government guidance and ensure the safety of all parties involved.

Dial a Ride Service:

This service is still currently running. All vehicles are being cleaned regularly with antibacterial wipes. Drivers have access to hand sanitizer to ensure they can clean their hands on any trips.


We suspended all our training on the 20th March. We are currently investigating ways to deliver training online. Any training already booked with us will be honoured and delivered at a later date.

For trainee’s who booked driver CPC training, the government has made temporary changes to the rules surrounding periodic driver CPC training. This means that drivers who’s CPC cards expire in the period from 1 March 2020 to 20 September 2020 can continue to drive. For more details on this click here.

We are currently investigating the possibility of conducting online Periodic Driver CPC training. We are following government guidance on this from JAUPT on how to implement this.

Helping the community in this difficult time:

In these hard times it is important to work together where possible. We have always worked with the most vulnerable people in society, and in these troubling times it is no different. Despite many of our services being suspended. We have been able to redeploy some of our resources to help our partners who have set up vital services in this time of need.

We are helping across both Kensington and Chelsea, and Westminster with crucial projects in these areas. In partnership with Kensington and Chelsea Social Council, Age UK K&C and Age UK Westminster. They are running important services like food banks and food drops for the most vulnerable in these hard times. To help them, we have provided them some of our drivers and minibuses to collect food donations and deliver food parcels to those most at risk in society.

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