Volunteers Week 2018

It’s Volunteers Week, and like many other volunteers supported organisations, Westway CT has a large team of volunteers who contribute to the success of our services.

Roles such as Drivers for the Volunteer Cars Service, Travel Buddies and Passenger Assistants who support our Shopper Services and even Vehicle Washers who keep our fleet of vehicles clean; without this team of people, who offer this time ‘unpaid’, we would not be able to run our services as we do.

Our volunteers vary in age, background and ability, and although many want to give something back to their local community, others are looking to get something more out of the time they spend volunteering for us. Some are retired and at home full-time, so volunteering keeps them busy. Some are interested in building their confidence and skills for a career change or just gaining some experience doing something different. Either way, we are happy to have them on our team.

Meet a Volunteer

This Volunteers Week we want to tell you about Alex Allsopp. For nearly eight years Alex has been driving for our Volunteer Cars.

A mother of two grown-up children, Alex lives locally and first heard about volunteering via a leaflet that she received through the door. “I kept it for around 2 ½ years before I finally contacted you to volunteer,” says Alex. Having done some fundraising in the past, for a charity called Fairbridge, Alex mentioned that she wanted to do something a little more practical.

Since joining the team at Westway CT, Alex donates one day a week and uses her own vehicle. Around half of Westway CT’s volunteer drivers use one of the designated Volunteer Cars vehicles.

“There are definite benefits to volunteering,” says Alex “And my Daughter seems to be following in my footsteps. Just the other night she helped a little old lady who had lost her keys and was locked out of her home”.

Alex proves how much she enjoys her time volunteering by the regular amount of time she dedicates and the length of time she has been committed to the role. We would like to thank Alex and all the other volunteers on our team, who give up their time to help others.

We have a strong commitment to providing mutually beneficial and worthwhile volunteering opportunities for people from the local community. If you or anyone you know would like to volunteer, please Contact Us for more information.



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