Volunteers’ Week 2019

Celebrating Volunteers’ Week in West London

Every Volunteers’ Week, we celebrate the selfless contribution of our dedicated team of volunteers.

This year, to show our volunteers just how much we appreciate them, we invited those who were available, to a ‘Thank You’ day out at the Victoria & Albert Museum.

Three of our staff team, including our new CEO, Kathleen Lyons, were joined by seven of our volunteers.

As a group of ten of we arrived at the museum at 10.45 am on Tuesday the 4th of June, and a Volunteer Guide greeted us. Boe, a very knowledgeable guide, led our group around many of the exciting exhibits while telling us fascinating stories about the museum as we went.

We viewed collections such as The Raphael Cartoons and learned much about the outstanding architecture of the galleries. By the end of the tour, we were much better educated on 1700s fashion and discovered that it often took up to five years to make a Mantua (dress).

When we finished our guided tour, we had a delicious lunch while sitting in the courtyard.

We were then given a quiet space for us to gather for a short focus group. At Westway CT, we believe it’s hugely important for our volunteers to be supported in their role, so we take the time to ask them their views and experience on this aspect.

When asked ‘how did you first hear about our volunteering opportunities?’ Most said they received our promotional flyer that gets sent out with the ‘RBKC Parking Permit renewal letter’. Others saw a poster advertised in the local library, and one volunteer heard about the opportunity from a friend.

It was delightful to learn that all our volunteers agreed that Westway CT ‘provides services that empower people to live life independently’ and that was a reason why many enjoyed the role as much as they do. It was evident that our team of volunteers derive a lot of satisfaction from helping local people in getting out and about. One quoted that a passenger had described our transport as a “lifeline”.

I help people do what they need to do, without actually doing it for them. Such as buying their shopping – I am here to assist them if they need it”, said Karen, Volunteer Passenger Assistant for the RBKC Shopper Service.

We ended the day with free entry to the Mary Quant Exhibition’ as the museum had kindly donated tickets to us.

The V&A were very generous, and it was a great day out. I was touched that the volunteers who came said that they did not need to be thanked, as their volunteering experience is rewarding enough. Nonetheless, they appreciated the opportunity to get together in a different context. I in turn really enjoyed being able to spend quality time with these special people”, says our CEO, Kathleen Lyons.



Have you ever thought about Volunteering?

We are looking for Volunteer Drivers! You can donate as many hours as you like. You can drive your own vehicle or one of our designated cars. The choice is yours.

We have a team of active volunteers who help us to reduce loneliness and alleviate isolation, and without them, we could not do what we do to help support so many people living in our local community.

Would you like to try Volunteer Driving for the Volunteer Cars Service? One of our existing volunteers can ‘buddy’ you, so you get an idea of what the role entails before you commit – the role is very flexible.

Please register your interest using the form below or email us directly, and one of our team will be in touch.



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