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£1,000 Grant To Bring Borough Together

November 17, 2023

A three part image shows Kensington & Chelsea Foundation logo, the Kensington & Chelsea Over 50's Forum work and a festive sparkly image of Winchester Xmas market

We are delighted to announce that a grant of £1,000 from the Kensington & Chelsea Foundation has been awarded to us through their Community Spirit Small Grant Fund. The Fund aims to spread joy and encourage community cohesion, which aligns with our work to help tackle social isolation.

Reaching as many people as possible with our services is a priority for Westway CT as we tackle loneliness and celebrate older people’s independence. We are partnering with the Kensington & Chelsea Over 50’s Forum, which runs successful activities for 2,500 members in the south of the borough, to take up to 30 of these members on a trip to the popular Winchester Christmas Market in December. 

Traditionally, the majority of our membership is in the north of Kensington & Chelsea, but through this joint initiative with the Kensington & Chelsea Over 50’s Forum we hope to create more balance and introduce more residents to what we do.

This partnership is part of our plan to tackle social isolation in the borough. Research by the Kensington & Chelsea Foundation1 found that Kensington & Chelsea scores in the lowest 20% of local authorities for mental health, with isolation and loneliness a significant issue for older people. And the World Health Organisation2 recently announced that loneliness is now a pressing global health threat, as damaging to health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. Westway is committed to ensuring more residents can take advantage of our services to help people feel better and more connected with their community. 

“Thank you to the Kensington & Chelsea Foundation for recognising that transport can help support events and activities that bring joy, hope, and healing to the community, and we are excited to be working with the Kensington & Chelsea Over 50’s Forum. We’re confident that this day out will reach more residents in the south of Kensington & Chelsea, and introduce them to our wide range of services for the over 50s in the borough.”

Anna Porta, Development Manager, Westway CT

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