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Member Focus: Full of Life Charity

May 7, 2024

Young people from charity Full of Life visiting the London Aquarium with Westway CT

Full of Life is a longstanding member of Westway CT and over that time, we’re proud to have become a part of their story. Full of Life are a parent-run local charity in Kensington & Chelsea that supports disabled children and young adults with complex needs to live life to the fullest – and supports their parents to navigate the worlds of social care, education, and health care. 

“When you’re the parent of a child with complex needs, it can be a bewildering journey” explains Sue Redmond, Chair at Full of Life. “We started in 1994 as a group of parents who were dissatisfied with the lack of information and support that we needed to raise a child with additional needs. 

“We’ve grown a lot since then and now support over 750 families who are lifelong carers and live in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.  We provide a specialist day centre for young people focussed on communication and personal development – plus comprehensive information, guidance and support for parents and families – amongst a range of other services.  

“Getting out into the community, visiting new places and learning new things is vital for the people we work with”.  Whenever funding permits, we take off on new adventures! This is where Westway CT comes in, providing dedicated accessible community transport with professional passenger assistance to take people to and from the Full of Life centre. Day trips to places like Brighton, London Eye, Thames Valley Adventure Playground, The London Aquarium and the Southbank are also in the pipeline. 

“We believe that a great day out needs a great journey there and back again. Westway CT really understands the needs of the people we work with and treats them as individuals, not just passengers. The drivers and passenger assistants know the people we work with and our staff team well and everyone works as a team together. If someone becomes unwell or is having a tricky day, we can go back to the bus and know they’ll be supported. The bus becomes a safe place- simple things like this matter to us.  

“Over the years, Westway CT has become a genuine part of the Full of Life story.  This type of relationship, where there’s a real appreciation for what we do, for the impact our services have on the lives of children with complex needs, along with their parents and siblings, makes a real difference. Westway CT are not just the ‘transport’, they’re a real partner.”  

If your organisation or group is making a difference in our community, but would benefit from community transport that really meets your needs to do more, Westway CT would like to be a part of your story. 

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