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Foodbanks, Football & Equal Access

October 19, 2023

We work with lots of community groups, over 500 in fact. We help them deliver the services they need to for their communities.

National Community Transport Week is a chance to share the impact we’re making.

Action on Disability, Hammersmith

We’ve found Westway to be incredibly responsive to us and weve developed a very good relationship. Their communication is excellent.

John MacNeely – Youth & Community Services Manager Action on Disability

Action on Disability delivers local services for disabled people of all ages and it’s their youth service where Westway CT step in to help.  We’ve been working together for 7 years.

The biggest benefit to working together is that we know that we can rely on Westway, and we know that young disabled people will access our service because Westway will provide the transport. It’s important to everyone that they can access our services as equals, and transport for people with mobility issues can be a challenge, without it the families and young people we support wouldn’t get the same opportunities.” 

“But with Westway providing our transport they can. This helps young people to develop their social networks and see their friends and that is vital for raising their confidence and self-esteem. Plus, many disabled families face greater economic challenges, having transport available and access to subsidised services takes that pressure off and positively impacts the whole family not just the young person. ” 

“I’d say they deliver a professional high quality service that meets the needs of the local community in terms of access, delivering value for money, with great communication and professionalism, and you can rely on them – even when there’s a challenge they find creative ways of supporting us to find those solutions.”

Minds United FC, Kensington & Chelsea

Minds United FC operate a mental health football club, getting to games is crucial but for some players it’s challenging.

“They’ve helped us a lot, it means we can travel as a team, and help our members who struggle with their mental health, and who benefit from having travel organised for them, who might get lost and can’t travel by themselves to feel supported, travelling together means no one misses out on the banter and enjoying the pre-game atmosphere – it’s more inclusive.”

Tarik Kaidi, founder

At Westway CT we have standard and accessible minibuses which take up to 16 passengers. We can provide a driver or you can drive yourself for your group if you meet the easily attainable MiDAS criteria. Our minibuses are widely used across the three boroughs we serve.  

“We’ve just secured funding from their members Innovation Fund, I’m very grateful for that £500 in transport credits, it makes a big difference as our funding is almost gone, this will keep us going till we can secure more – our service is free; kit to play; to train; to travel, everything is free and we don’t sell anything so we are reliant on grant funding.”

Along with the benefits of low-cost transport options for groups, plus a goods van for moving bulk items, like clubhouse equipment, Westway CT offers a member’s Innovation Fund, any member can apply for transport credits or driver training to help them cut their costs.

“Now, as we’re growing we’re also playing in different mental health leagues run by the County FA’s, we get to play together as a team and wear our kit, there is a fair bit of travel involved and we couldn’t have realised that so easily if it wasn’t for Westway. We also created a women only division with women only teams, the first time there’s been a women’s only mental health league and we play once a month, only three teams so far but we’re growing. 

I’d recommend Westway to other groups, I’d also encourage them to do the MiDAS driver training course so that they can use their own drivers and save on hiring costs. ”

The Dalgarno Trust – Food bank, Ladbroke Grove

Westway CT has been working with The Dalgarno Trust, a community centre, helping to collect and move their food bank deliveries since 2020.

“We need a reliable and loyal service that won’t let us down, and Westway always delivers. We collect surplus food from local supermarkets for our weekly food bank. We hire a van each Wednesday and Thursday to drive to the local supermarkets. This means we always have fresh food to offer our food bank users.”

Alice, The Dalgarno Trust

Demand for Dalgarno’s food bank has grown over the last three years, first the pandemic and now the cost of living crisis has seen user numbers rise from 50 a week pre-pandemic to over 120 today. Food needs to be collected once a week from donating supermarkets, often topped up with extra essential items by the Trust’s own funds. Ensuring supplies can get to the food bank is critical and that’s where Westway CT plays a role.

“Our food bank is well-used. Helping 120 people each week, which is approximately 300 families. 450 bags of food are given out.  At Christmas, Westway also helps with collecting and delivering Christmas presents. The presents are donated by local schools for our users and with Westway’s help, we distribute them around the neighbourhood.”

Over the last year, the food bank delivered 19,654 bags to those unable to get to their centre, and 8,135 visits across North Kensington, mainly in W10 and W11 to residents, where many (55%) struggle with a health condition.

“We would recommend Westway to other community organisations, they are reliable and great to work with.”

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