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Visit: Take Your Group To The Science Museum!

October 27, 2023

Looking for inspiring, dry and exciting activities for your Group this November? Whatever the age group let us take you to Objects & Stories at The Science Museum!

Take refuge from the weather by exploring secrets and inventions in this amazing space. Hundreds of fascinating stories lurk behind a myriad of objects that have shaped history and how we live today. 

See the computer that started it all, Charles Babbage’s Victorian Difference Engine, or the world’s first steam engine from 1788, then travel in time to 1991 to see Helen Sharman’s spacesuit and the 1971 R4 launch vehicle satellite.

This fascinating place is free to visit, Explore here

Use our minibus scheme to travel there. It’s affordable and accessible – call us for a personalised estimate. It’s easy and low cost to sign up, if you aren’t already a member you can sign up here.

Special Offer For Groups!

Each Month we give way one free outing to the first group member that gets in touch. Email, Bookings@Westwayct.org.uk and quote ‘Destination of the Month’ to see if you are the first! (dates and times to be mutually agreed.)

Our Hire Charges

These example charges are based on a 10 mile/5hr round trip* see small print for more details.

RBKC Group Members

With your own driver**: travel from just £1.72 per person.

With our driver: travel for £7.87 per person or £125.90 in total.

Non- RBKC Groups Members

Members travel for only £2.09 per person. That’s just £30 for the entire trip by using your own driver!

*The Small Print:

Estimates are based on a 10 mile round trip and usage of a Westway CT minibus for 5 hours. Actual cost of hire will vary based on your group’s pickup location, length of hire and other factors such as parking or traffic delays or by using a Westway CT Driver.

**To use your own driver, they must be MiDAS trained and registered as a volunteer with your organisation. 

If you call us or email us we can work out a personalised estimate for you.

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